Where We Came From

Feb 13 · Unlisted

Mixhalo was conceived in equal parts inspiration, coincidence and — we like to think — clairvoyance. The story begins in 2016, when a musician named Mike and his band were rehearsing for a big show. A friend stopped by to check out the band. To ensure his friend had the best sound possible, Mike offered him a set of in-ear monitors.

What are in-ear monitors you ask? “In-ears” (as musicians say) are custom-made, in-ear headphones that seal out external noise and provide customizable, studio-quality sound to musicians onstage. With in-ears, musicians enter a rich, vibrant audio realm the rest of us can only imagine.

After the rehearsal Mike was struck with a question: what if music fans everywhere could have the same experience his friend had — the experience he had every time he stepped on stage? His partner, Ann Marie, a musician herself, believed that this idea would change the future of live events. Together, they shepherded Mixhalo into the world.

Mixhalo is now a scalable wireless solution that streams high-quality audio directly to an attendees’ phone and headphones at live events of all kinds — worldwide.

P.S. In case you’re curious, the musician, Mike, is Mike Einziger, serial tech co-founder and grammy-nominated founding member of the alt-rock band, Incubus. His partner, Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger, is an internationally-acclaimed rock violinist and serial tech co-founder.

Where we are now…

Sound is vital; it is something we experience, something we feel. Yet, too often during live events, when the soundtrack is essential to the experience, it is too hard to hear what you want to hear. A vital part of the visceral experience is lost — and people often don’t even realize the audio experience could be so much better.

Mixhalo showcases sound as it is intended with a high quality audio platform for venues and their guests that democratizes sound and unifies the live experience, from the front row to the nosebleeds. As HDTV exposed a level of seeing that most people didn’t imagine was possible, creating a point of no return to standard definition, Mixhalo delivers clarity and depth your ears will crave.

With Mixhalo’s technology, live event organizers can give audiences exactly what they came for, with an outstanding audio experience delivered directly to attendees’ own phones and headphones. Whether it’s a concert, a sporting event, a political speech or a conference, Mixhalo-powered events give every seat access to a better, more immersive audio experience.

Welcome to Mixhalo. Hear what you want to hear.



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    Democratizing audio at live events.

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