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MIX Fintech plans to starts the electricity bill payment service for the miners of digital currency. Mixpay is a multi-functional digital financial payment tool with multi-features such as cross-border payment, integrated payment, and digital wallet.

Mixpay’s business upgrade for the miner group will include electricity bill payment, loan and other services in the digital wallet with safe and fast payment and other financial related services.

As previously reported, MIX Group has set up a Bitcoin trust fund in New York and is currently buying a large amount of Bitcoin, giving priority to miners.

As we all known, that as one of the most successful digital currencies, Bitcoin’s payment function are not widely used in real life. There are now a handful of shops that can support Bitcoin payments. So why can use Bitcoin to buy hamburger? …

In the road show of the Chengdu Summit of the “Global Mining Forum”, Shi Jin, a partner of MIX Financial Technology, said that MIX has always focused on the combination of blockchain technology and financial services, using technology to meet the needs of the financial services. The MIX Open Platform…







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