My local pizzeria website is an accessibility nightmare.

Lola Pizzaria’s website homepage which includes overlapping images of pineapples, lettuce, pizza dough and tomatoes

The question that started it all …

In a recent virtual roundtable on Accessibility in Design, an attendee asked the panel of experts a question:

How do you design for accessibility without compromising the overall design, for example, finding that to meet those contrast standards, it might be a more limited color palette?

Inherent in this question…

Cultivating the art of listening and how it applies to user research.

Neon sign on a brick wall that reads “You are what you listen to.”

Since I first week of my User Experience (UX) Design Immersive at General Assembly in January 2020, I have contemplated the question of why I feel so alive and engaged as I practice UX design. …

Continuing to hone my UX skills during COVID by participating in a Hackathon.


Two months into working from home due to COVID-19, I participated in my first hackaton from May 18–22, 2020. The hackathon was hosted by Datadog and General Assembly.

Problem Statement

Datadog, a monitoring and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams and business users in the cloud age, had discovered that since…

How my husband and I pivoted to a virtual wedding ceremony in just 6 days


On March 10, 2020, Sai and I realized that there was no way our original wedding arrangements for April 26 could happen as planned. Our families wouldn’t be able to come to New York from…

Designing a Web App to Connect Data Science, Machine Learning and AI Students with Companies for School Projects


As teams are working to adapt to remote work in the current “new reality” that COVID-19 has created, half way through the project, my team had to quickly adjust to working remotely and still deliver to our client by the same end date for our contract. BiddevIQ, a tech startup…

Trying to Help Parents find Last Minute Help

Two days into working on my second General Assembly UXDI (User Experience Design Immersive) group project, I had already earned myself a new nickname: The Fisherman. “Because you’re always reeling us back in,” one of my teammates said to me with a glimmer in his eye.

While I didn’t set…

A beginner’s journey into Information Architecture (IA).

Pupa: The Transition Phase

Four weeks into my UX Design Course at General Assembly, my cohort — Gossamer — was ready to enter into the “pupa” phase of our UX journey. …

How might we improve Habitat NYC’s donation process to align with Jesse’s expectations?


Immediately after presenting on my first UX project — an app feature to support GA students in maintaining a healthy school/life balance — I received my next assignment.

I suddenly found myself in a new group standup struggling to get to know the two people I would work with for…

How might we help students cultivate a healthier school/life balance?


During the orientation for my upcoming User Experience Design Immersive at General Assembly, one of the first words out of a recent grad’s mouth during the alumni panel was: “Say goodbye to your social life, or any life for that matter.”

As the alumni shared their insights and experiences from…

Miykaelah Sinclair

A UX Designer Iterating her Way toward a Better Life.

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