Hair chest

So, you are in the middle of an important meeting with a prospect, presenting your company and highlighting all the best services you offer.

Then you notice both your male bosses are using very beautiful long sleeved shirts, all buttoned up, and… both of them have their chest hair popping out of it.

You see, they are not very hairy men. They have just a punch of imponent hairs, playing around their necks, wanting to come out, to breath, to look for light. And one of them actualy only has white hair.

Yet, they both look very similar. Did they arrenged that? Is that even possible? Or is it just a coincidence?

You look across the table and the client is wearing the same kind of long sleeved shirt, buttoned up too, but no hair anywhere can be seen.

So, of course, you are not paying attention to the metting anymore. Now you are wondering around on your paralell world. How is it possible? What does it mean? Does it has some kind of subliminar effect that I don't know about? Does it make a good first impression? A positive image? Does it show that they are strong, imponent, self-assure, wise men? That they are verile? That everyone should believe in everything they say? Will it help to close the deal? Why does the client doesn't have it too? Does he shave? Or is it some trick to misguide the client’s attention, so he doesn't pay any attention to what they were saying? Is it even something any man notices? Or something anyone at all notices?

I guess I'’ll really never know… I didn't have the courage to ask anyone about it. But it really looks odd to me. I feel very unconfortable.

Just please, next time, be careful with what you want to bring attention to… I still don't remember much of what was discussed in that meeting.