Saved for later.

Feedly, Facebook, Youtube, Book list, Task, Trips… Dreams

Links on Facebook we want to look more carefully, great articles on medium we'd rather check in a quieter moment, videos on youtube that were to long to our five minute break, books we are waiting to read just after we finish those two other books we've bought and still had no time to read. Podcasts we downloaded to listen at the gym we hardly ever go to. That cleaning-the-room-from-top-to-bottom task we decided to do after we had no space to put our newest pair of… socks. That course our friend pointed out, but we just don't have enough money to sign up for right now. That trip we saw in the magazine and became our absolutely next in our line of preference, after the ones we already started to plan but never really had the time to go. Those dreams we said: "three years from now will be the perfect time".

Is it just me or everything is being postponed. How can we possibly cacth up with everything we have been saving for later if, everyday, we save even more.

Aren't we just saving our whole lives for later?

What about that "doing everything right here, right now" ideal?

Do we still have time to live our lives?

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