“Offer me a cup of tea”

— a message from Simon Jones, Director of Schools at The Jimmy Mizen Foundation

A new school year finds me thinking first of the one just gone : moments, faces, sounds…..

The confusion and laughter as 500 primary children formed a Giant Hand of Peace.
The relief I felt when the
helicopter came…
The 15
days on the road…. Peace Car, Bus & Cloth and Lewisham’s 64 primary schools.
The laughter, children and the cloth outside
Number 10.
Camilla’s face as she entered the room with
David Cameron.
The Friday routine of the Safe Haven visits on
Deptford High St.
Standing in the monsoon in India, caught in a blizzard in Norway, the darkness of Terezin.

The year ahead is looking even bigger than last year, nervous as I am onward — if you see me looking stressed around Lewisham offer me a cup of tea. x

Hope in young people, Peace on our streets and Positive Change in our communities.


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