Guilty Pleasures
Scott Harling

Hmmm…this one could go either way for me. I could make a list a mile long, because the majority of my pleasures are a bit to one side or the other of mainstream. Or I could answer that I have none, because most of the time I don’t bother to feel guilty.

Right now I guess Medium could be classed as a guilty pleasure, since I am usually typing furtively in the dark after bedtime. But it’s definitely not a secret. When I am pleased with one of my posts I send the link to my closest friends, and I tell my mom about the people I “know” all the time. I’m not sure if she finds it interesting, or if she thinks I am being sucked into some kind of cult.

Maybe she thinks I am delusional, pretending that I have these really cool pals who tell me all about themselves.

…Maybe that is my real guilty pleasure…

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