Do we jump in or remain on the shore?
Gordie Jackson

This is a tangent related to the photo featured in Mr. Jackson's post…

Last September I was browsing a tiny rural antique shop with a friend and spied a large framed print that I instantly fell in love with. No matter how I tried, I could not talk myself out of buying it. We’re only talking $40.00 (US), but I had never bought anything purporting to be “art” before, so to me it was a big deal.

I was immediately certain that the scene just had to be English. I figured I was probably wrong, but even if it wasn’t England, it was soothing and pretty and that was a good enough reason to buy it.

There was a label on the back identifying the title and artist. Ignoramus that I am, it meant nothing to me, but it gave me something to Google when I got home. The Internet will provide, and so I learned all about Mr. John Constable and Wivenhoe Park. The strangest thing was that I had unknowingly bought my humble mass produced print in the same month as the bicentennial celebration of the original painting.

Visiting this lovely place in person is now a major item on my as-yet-unwritten bucket list.

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