If we are depending on others to give us acceptance, love and everything else we are rather fragile and susceptible to seeking another once we drained the present victim emotionally dry.
What shows up in the mirror of a close relationship?
Gordie Jackson

This is the dark spectre that hangs over me every day and the bogeyman who comes out of my closet every night. Thanks in great part to you, Gordie Jackson, thanks to the stories you tell and the questions you ask in them, I have spent a long, mostly sleepless night wondering what I am going to do with my self? At the end, in the last hour of darkness, I turned to the internet and quickly found helpful information. (Right now I am much too weak for faith so I have to start with psychology. Hopefully I can work my way up.)

It seems my spectre might be rejection sensitivity dysphoria; my bogeyman could be anxious-preoccupied attachment style. Monsters always have such frightening names, don’t they? But somehow it helps just to know these monsters have names and more so to know they are tormenting others besides me. On Tuesday I will ask my new counselor if she knows how they can be defeated.

Keep talking, brother g. Keep shining the light. You are guiding me through the darkness. Thank you. -sister k.

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