InAppTranslation — Sync Mode and Async Mode

Async Mode Detail

With Async mode, after adding translation data to the InAppTranslation web dashboard, your app will show the translations on its UI from the 2nd launch.

Why not from the 1st launch but from the 2nd launch ?
On app launch, InAppTranslation SDK starts fetching translation data from the cloud in the background. Since the fetch operation takes some seconds, InAppTranslation doesn’t provide translation data within this session, instead store the data to local cache.
On the next launch of the app, InAppTranslation provide translation data, which is quickly loaded from the cache, to NSLocalizedString and Storyboard. Use the same keys you added in the app’s Dashboard in Storyboard’s UI elements and NSLocalizedString function calls.

Sync and Async Mode of InAppTranslation