A Conversation.

Enquiry-”Are you available to shoot my wedding?”
Me- “Yes, that date is currently available, I will send you my rates”
Enquiry- “Thanks that looks great but we really don’t want to pay that much, we have a budget of £200”
Me- “Ok, not to worry. I am afraid I can’t accommodate your request at this time, I would be happy to recommend some other Photographers I know who might be able to work something out with you, though it might not meet your budget exactly as that is quite a tight budget…”
Enquiry- “No, you don’t understand. We want you to shoot our Wedding, please amend the quote”
Me- “Thank you for the enquiry but I am afraid I will not be able to honour your quote at this time, I am really honoured that you were so keen to book me so if things change then I am always willing to discuss a booking”
“You are too expensive! I don’t understand why everything related to Weddings costs so much! Don’t be so greedy!
Me- “My pricing is a result of careful consideration and personal experience and reflects the high level of time care and attention you will receive in the final images. It is difficult to put a value on art, I know.. but it is reasonable to charge a fair cost for a fair amount of work, as I am sure you are paid in your line of work. I appreciate Weddings are costly and regret that I am unable to fit into your budget but I owe it to myself and my business to charge fairly. £200 would not only be completely unfair to me- it wouldn’t be fair on you. I consider every shot I deliver an investment, a memory.. one of the few things that exist long after the last it of cake has been eaten and so I feel I owe it to my clients to give them my best in return for a fair wage and the best images are a product of the time I spend with them. If you are really set on shooting with me, I can suggest an engagement session or a shoot after the honeymoon as a newly married couple?”
Enquiry- “It’s ok! you can take pictures for a few hours and give us the original files which my husband can edit.. he KNOWS photoshop”
Me- *headdesk*