Without much thought or deliberation; we assume the things that enliven our disposition

and recharge our soul, are the good things that we’ve acquired in our lives. What we fail to realize on many occasions is that these acquisitions-be it a career choice, hobby, relationship, material things-are actually toxins that can lead to internal poverty and ultimately our own ruin. A bit dramatic I admit, but truth nonetheless. Have you sought discernment in these areas of your life? Have you analyzed why sometimes you are left empty or uninspired? Are you defined by these things? Do you feel as if you would suffer a loss or lack value without these things? I challenge you today to re-prioritize and re-gain focus. Take back the control of your life and your circumstance. What if the things you’ve deemed good are actually holding you down? What if they are hindering your growth, and setting you back? Have you considered this? If not; I encourage you to do so today. Take a walk in your garden and uproot the weeds that have slowly begun intoxicating your life.