Real authentic traditional classic mahjong game

I like to play mahjong, so do billions of people across the world. I started to play since a teenager. One day I wanted to play it online, but found may sites that offer mahjong game are actually mahjong solitaire. This kills me.

Mahjong solitaire and mahjong game are completely different. The former is a single player game and the goal is to find identical tiles from a pile of tiles. The latter is a multi-player game and the goal is to win others according to certain game rules. The only thing two games share is the tiles.

After some time, I finally made a online real authentic traditional classic mahjong game myself and put it online. That is sometimes the best way to meet your needs — do it yourself. welcomes you to try the real authentic mahjong game!

It is a small website for free authentic mahjong game experience. The game needs four players, however, if it is hard to find real players — which is a common case for multi players game, it has a feature of add robot players so you do not need to wait to start, although I would prefer to play with human player.

Please forgive my poor page design — I am a backend software engineer. The front-end is writen in plain html/css/javascript, the back-end is written in Erlang. If you, by any chance, are an recruiter and are looking for a back-end software developer and somehow you like my website, please let me know by leaving a comment below or on my website.

By the way, if you wonder why the domain name is 1112–8999, answer this question: if you have a hand of 1112345678999, what tile do you need to make a winning hand?