Plug: Vague Apocalyptica

Just a plug here for a fantastic book on our current times. I was close to this work during the publication process, and I can say with utmost confidence that these are words that NEED to be in all our ears, in the West and particularly in the U.S.

In Vague Apocalyptica, Louis D. Lo Praeste molds his considerable experience in business, technology, and finance together with his deep heart for humanity and implores us to change direction to a more human-focused version of capitalism, democracy, and progress.

He makes a compelling case for the precipice we may well be speeding toward, but instead of fear-mongering, digs deep into psychology, medicine, and at times even spirituality to argue passionately that we can clear this hurdle if we are together and for each other.

I do not exaggerate to say this crucial message could be the most influencial book you read this year.

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