There are several noticeable differences between writing for the ear and writing for people to read.

The first difference I can think of is how with broadcast you have a time restraint for how long you have to share your information whereas when you are writing a print the constraint is how much space you have to tell the story.

With broadcast, it is important to get to the point so that you don’t lose the audience’s attention. When writing you can share more important details because everyone will read at their own pace.

Broadcast stories typically are very short. It keeps the audience involved and is easier for the anchor to read. They also include a visual aspect to go along with the audio.



Puppy stolen from Lynchburg Humane Society found safe

Jersey was taken from the Lynchburg Humaine Society. An anonymous tip was called in suggesting his location. He has been found and will be united with his future family soon.

Stuck coyote rescued from between two fences in Virginia

Animal Rescuers found a wild coyote trapped between two fences. A pair of dogs were barking that had made the discovery. Encounters that close with wild coyotes are rare.

Alligator evicted from newly constructed home in Florida

Animal wranglers were called to a home to find a 12-foot alligator. It entered the home through the laundry room to escape the cold weather. It caused $2,500 worth of damage during its visit.



Oscars producer says LAPD was prepared to arrest Will Smith after slap

The police were prepared to arrest Will Smith after he slapped Chris Rock. The reason they did not proceed was that Rock said he didn’t want to press charges. The police informed him that it was battery but he was firm in his decision.

‘Bridgerton’ season 2 cast: Everything you need to know

A new season of the popular Netflix series, Bridgerton has been released. There are several new cast members that have been introduced. Simone Ashley is playing Kate Sharma and Shelly Con is playing Mary Sharma.

The meaning behind Justin Bieber’s Grammy-nominated song ‘Peaches’

Justin Bieber's song,“Peaches”, is a love letter written to his wife Hailey. It speaks of his life leading up to meeting his wife. It also tells the story of their commitment to each other.