Last week i came across some of the wonderful uses of stringify method, i thought to share my learning here, If you are familiar with the javascript then you must have come across this method in at least one situation, so do you know how many different ways you can use this method, let’s explore some of the best uses of this method. yo, let’s dive in :)

  1. Convert javascript object or value to JSON string, Ok but what do you mean by that, let’s take an example -
const obj = {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3} const objString…

Gatsby Js if you are a developer you must have heard about gatsbyjs, gatsby js is static site generator. today here we will discuss how you can use gatsbyjs theme to build website very quickly.

So this is for everyone who just want to invest their time in creating content, website development is done by someone else, so here is gatsbyjs theme a fresh new concept which helps you build blazing fast, offline, seo friendly, website in few steps.

Let’s start building website

I assume you have below items installed on you machine

  1. NodeJs
  2. GatsbyJS `npm install -g gatsby-cli`

Building slider made easy, there are tons of plugin available to add a slider on your web app, but each one comes with lots of extra code sometimes we don’t need that all, so here i will show you how to build slider in simple step -

Main Components -

  • Container
  • Navigation
  • Slider Item Wrapper
  • Slider Item List

Now let’s put one by one on the page.

Create the main container which holds all the elements

<div class="container"> <div>

CSS for the container div

display: flex;
flex-flow: row nowrap;
align-items: stretch;
display: flex;
flex-flow: row nowrap;
align-items: stretch;


PWA — trending word, Everyone wants to build PWA, But why?

Let find the answer today by building one, So to build PWA there is two important item we need to add in a web app — manifest and service worker, And your web app served over https, Today here we will learn how to add this to in web app so that web app will run awesome without internet.

Here is the PWA checklist, go through this —

Second check lighthouse score -( …

Earlier this month I was thinking of building a static but want a blog on it, so I search online and found a new guy in the market is trending (Gatsby),

Initially, I thought I need to learn and implement will take a lot of time, but I got to a point, let's give a try. and found gatsby documentation is so good that it made my life super easy and it’s a lot easier to understand even if you are new to this.

So if you don’t know Gatsby, Gatsby is a static site generator, uses react and if…


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