Eating Breakfast (feat. Sean Paul)

ME: Hey Sean, how do you plan on breaking your fast this morning?

SEAN: Eggs and bacon, rackaticka make ’em, put ’em on a dish and spin-a-lin it flocka talka wake ‘em, sippin’ OJ like Simpson the mistuh sistuh rastafari safari fatter than bladder ding ding dong yeah

ME: Oh neat, I think I’ll have some yogurt

SEAN: Slappy dippy dapp it’s the breakfast rap my name’s Sean Paul and I flap flap flap, my wings, like the bird of your dreams, like the bird with the beak and the eggs with yo greens, spinach and kale oh mama omelette shock ‘en crack dem shells yo yo (siren sounds siren sounds weeoooo weoooo siren sounds)

TOAST: I’m toast and I don’t know what that means Sean, but I like it, I like it a lot Sean, don’t stop Sean, also I am a toast

SEAN: Just give me the jeans and we can JRRR R R Tolkien ya pepsi pespie sprite and coco cola yaaa, we be soakin, get the meditation we promotin’, me and toast be burnin’, earnin’, da jem jem ja theorize it time to recognize it, I wanna be the papa you can be the mom

ME: Sean can you pass the salt? My yogurt is a little bland, I need some American flavor

SEAN: Enjoy

M. Jagger Chicolini

Written by

In hot pursuit of the perfectly adequate.

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