The weekend

It was Friday evening, I was so eager and happy to enjoy the weekend since I had lot of plans.

We had booked “Dharmadurai” movie night show @ Sathyam cinemas. We left office @ 8pm. Horrible traffic it was! It took an hour just to cross perungulathur. But thankfully, there was no traffic after tambaram and we finally reached theater @ 10pm.

Luckily, I had a great chance to meet one of the best Tamil actors in the theater. I had a cup of coffee with him and we spoke a lot. Guess who? Let it be a surprise, will reveal at the end.

The movie, a classy one, finished at 1am.

Once we were out of the theater, I suggested that we could go for a long walk in OMR and 5 of my friends accepted it. Think how crazy they are? like me 😜 Then, we parked the bike at Madhya Kailash and walked the full journey from “Kasturiba Nagar” MRTS station to AGS, Navalur. (Around 19km). It was fun and an awesome experience for us. We were talking about our work, college/school days and exactly rumours too 😂. In between, we took some rest in tea shops and ate ice creams 😜 It was 6:30 am by the time we reached Navalur and we stayed over at a friend’s place.

After a sound sleep which stretched till noontime, we still did not stop. We immediately went to “Express Avenue” Mall and had brunch there 😜 And we tried “Dialogue in the dark” , where we are put in a dark room and a blind man guides us to sense smells, sounds, tastes and our feet and hands, helping us see what our eyes cannot. (Try it once if you haven’t)

Then, we went to thiruvanmiyur beach to chill and we spent time there, deciding to leave around 9:30pm (Saturday). We thought the day was over. But our craziness didn’t stop there. When a Pondicherry bus crossed us, we got into it without any hesitation.😃

We reached Pondicherry bus stand around 11:50pm (Saturday). omg I forgot to say. One of our friends birthday on Sunday! We ran into beach and celebrated her birthday @ 12am (Sunday) by cutting cakes and presented her lovable gifts. We spent an hour talking and walk on the beach. Then we had boarded a chennai bus and reached in the morning.

Sunday! As a part of volunteering, I went to government school for teaching. What a surprise it was!!!😊😎 They presented me a memorable gift and tied Rakki since they didn’t meet me on Raksha Bandhan. And I got “Best Brother” award 😃

Evening, we went to “Painting exhibition” @ Muttukadu, ECR. Such wonderful paintings were suitcased and it was a feast to my eye.

At last I came back to my apartment around 9pm! Oh 9! it’s time for “Neeya Naana” show.

As I watching TV, someone knocked on the door , I got irritated and opened the door. The sweeper lady asked me to get up since they have to clean the room.

……And I realised that it was Monday morning and I had stayed in room for the last two days 😜😂

Oh god! Everything was just a dream 😞

Dedicating this DREAM to everyone.☺️ There are millions of things you can do on a weekend😊

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