Facebook addiction detox part 2

Holy God I had turned obsessive. If I was not statusing for likes I was feeling anxiety from not being *connected* how loose of a term.

Here this medium thing I am anonymous not famous free to write the contents of my soul on this electric page. Beautiful when my actual diary is elsewhere I can type here and suss out my emotions. A key skill no one ever taught and yet I am obsessed with understanding right now. Hmm something someone picked up on today. That I am suppressed as it were. Closed.

I do not show them easily I do not share I do not let myself trust or be known very often unless I get an overwhelming safe signal.

Its not anything other than I know I can chat a while without sensoring. Usually a key indicator is someone who swears. Unashamedly tells you there judgemental comments in a way that is not overly belittling. Yes there is a difference between open and a $$ h#le.

Its that settling warmth in your gut this person is ok they respect boundaries they have the same interests the same moral compass the same excitement triggers.

The same humour the same level of empathy im a sucker for high empaths they give too much by the same token as do I . but I hit maximum and shut it off sometimes. Thats another story all together.

These detox made me see my life for what is is today.

A merry go round on the same ride until my weekend where I planned some adventure and no one can take that from me until Monday lol.

This blogging this opens the door on the cage now. Back to balance friend time dancing in my car singing my own karaoke. Situps squats and walks for now until I slide back to zumba and meditation to keep sane.

I cant take the noise of facebook. It eats hours and sometimes brings a smile but I was frowning alot so day two its been good.

Clarity is returning.