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Fat Burning Bible Review There are many women in today’s society who have problems with a bodily function, namely the involuntary loss of urine and feces, usually referred to as incontinence. Some women often expel urine while coughing or running. Other women feel a strong urge to urinate just before expelling a great amount of urine from the bladder. Both symptoms can be prevalent in women, either together or separately.

Whichever the case, the problem of incontinence is an annoyance and a problem that many women are dealing with either by medicines and drugs, diet or just simply trying homeopathic remedies that can work but sometimes do not. Women who are dealing with incontinence often feel a sense of guilt, and the notion of public embarrassment often keep many women from enjoying a night out on the town or going out with friends and family to a restaurant. It also puts a damper on sexual performance and activity that a woman under normal circumstance would enjoy with their husband or boyfriend. Incontinence happens due to problems with the muscles and nerves that help to hold and release urine. The body stores the urine, water and wastes removed by the kidneys, in a balloon-like organ known as the bladder. The bladder connects to the urethra, a tube through which urine is expelled from the body.

Women usually experience urinal incontinence twice as much as men due to the fact that a woman has more stress on her urinary tract than a man does. Pregnancy, child birthing and menopause all can and do account for this difference between a man and a woman. The actual female urinary tract is far different from that of a man’s urinary tract. These differences contribute to some factors in determining the severity of the incontinence. Other factors include but are not limited to injuries to the nerves in the rectum and vagina, birth defects, M.S. and the various problems associated with aging.

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