Channing Tatum’s Wife (Jenna Dewan) destroys Tatum + Beyonce Combined in Lip Sync Battle

  1. I’d like to acknowledge that “Pony” by Genuine is one of the all time greatest songs.
  2. I knew Channing Tatum was married to a smokeshow, but after seeing this performance I think we all know why he locked it down. You think after Channing Tatum’s meteoric rise to stardom he would be out there getting any girl he wants but nope he was conquered by Jenna Dewan. She literally saddled him up. I can’t believe I haven’t appreciated her before. She just skyrocketed on the all time smoke list. I think this is pretty much a statement too to any other celebrity female out there that he is hers and she owns that. Hey Chan stay golden Pony Boy.
  3. Okay when it comes to routines Dewan killed it. She was all over the place girating, grinding, doing handstands, even welding or something I don’t know. The Chan man had some weird makeup on I couldn’t even look at him standing at the front doing some twerking and throwing his hands in the air. Then he brings out Beyonce to try and get some bonus points because he couldn’t finish, sorry bro Jenna takes this one.
  4. L.L. Cool J’s reactions throughout the whole thing. I mean let’s be real we all know what he’s thinking. Either “Damn he’s the luckiest dude in the world” or “Damn can I get in on that action?”

5. I’m pretty sure this position is a fan favorite in the Tatum household. They probably start with this.

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