Doughnuts, fish plates, cash… whatever works

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This past March, a corporate executive aware of his vast customer base had an idea to speed up the efforts to vaccinate more Americans and help end the ongoing hell that is this plague: a free doughnut in exchange for proof of vaccination.

Given the realities of life in 2021, of course this campaign prompted criticism from some within the medical community, including doctor and frequent CNN talking head Leana Wen, MD. Apparently, Krispy Kreme giving away some of their frosty-ass doughnuts is a bad example of how to incentivize vaccinations. (And don’t take that as shade, Krispy Kreme lovers…

The former vice president’s preliminary campaigning for a 2024 run is a waste of time and energy

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It’s almost adorable that Mike Pence is even bothering to tease a presidential bid, much less one in 2024.

The former vice president — who had to run for cover back in January as a violent mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol seeking his head due to his failure to help the ex-president steal an election based on a lie about Black voters — is doing the sort of things that politicians do to tease a White House run. Pence visited the state of South Carolina, which has often played a deciding factor in the presidential primary seasons…

I’m not dead, so I guess things are going okay

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When it came to the idea of Joe Biden becoming the third man to become the oldest president in American history, within my lifetime, I greeted it with headlines for essays like, “Tell Your Mee-Maw and Them to Break Up With Joe Biden, I’m Bored.”

I didn’t want an old White guy to be president — or at least not this genre of old White guy. Someone, who, as a Democratic primary candidate, told wealthy donors that, in a Biden administration, “nothing would fundamentally change.” Such thinking was a mistake of the Obama Biden administration, which was transformative in terms…

The Chicago mayor needs to get real about her ineffective leadership

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On Saturday night, the mayor of Chicago found herself the subject of rumors that made her sound like the perfect candidate for a future Mona Scott Young production.

According to Chicago Tribune, activist Ja’Mal Green, a critic of Lightfoot, tweeted then deleted a message indicating that Lightfoot was planning to leave office.

On Sunday, Green tweeted that he was “sorry” for helping to spread the rumor. “I know Lori is mad that folks have started rumors and I’m sorry I helped by saying she’s resigning but the reality is, we’ve been lied to since the beginning of this administration,” Green…

Daunte Wright’s death is yet another infuriating case of police brutality — and Biden’s response feels like politics as usual

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On Monday, mere minutes into my second pandemic birthday, we were all painfully reminded that turning a year older in America is a luxury that no Black man is guaranteed.

As former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial moved through its third week, another Black man’s life was stolen by law enforcement just 10 miles north of the city. His name was Daunte Wright. He was shot on Sunday night by Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter — a reported 26-year veteran of the department — during a traffic stop. He was only 20 years old.

In a news conference…

Try as he might, the Florida congressman will not be able to evade the consequences of his scandals

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What a surprise that the former racist president — who was serially accused of sexual assault and abuse — has at least pondered whether to tag himself into the plight of another accused pervert.

Late last week, The Daily Beast reported that Donald Trump is monitoring the garbage fire that is the professional life of Matt Gaetz. (Yes, that would include the Florida congressman’s dream of a post-government career in conservative media that has absolutely no chance of happening now.) …

It’s the only way a Congress — and, for that matter, a president — will be able to get anything done

Mitch McConnell speaking into a mic.
Mitch McConnell speaking into a mic.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) talks to reporters with Sen. John Thune (R-SD) (L) and Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) following the weekly Senate Republican caucus luncheon in the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill March 16, 2021, in Washington, D.C. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

There may be a way to make meaningful progress in this declining empire, but one thing stands in our way: the filibuster. Finally, Democrats are talking about doing away with it in order to advance legislation — and Mitch McConnell, known to legislate (and occasionally pose in pictures) like a Jim Crow throwback, is caught up in his feelings over the prospect.

“Let me say this very clearly for all 99 of my colleagues,” McConnell declared on the Senate floor earlier this month.“Nobody serving in this chamber can even begin — can even begin to imagine — what a completely…

If more organizations follow the NAACP’s lead, they may be able to force the propaganda network to do better

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Last week, the NAACP wrote a letter to the NFL making a request for the good of humanity: stop giving money to fucking Fox News.

Okay, that wasn’t their exact phrasing, but it captures the spirit close enough. And who could fault them? No matter how much you want to pretend Fox News doesn’t exist, the propagandist network is indeed growing more dangerous by the day, and more organizations need to confront that reality. No matter the issue — race relations, the 2020 presidential election, or the ongoing pandemic — day and night they bombard their viewers with racism, sexism…

Pandemic Reflections

Last March, I was about to head into a new phase of my life. Turns out we all were.

Pfizer vaccine doses at a vaccine site in Porter Ranch, California, on March 15, 2021. Photo: Sarah Reingewirtz/Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG/Getty Images

Before the world as I understood it was flipped on its head one year ago, I thought I was heading toward a different phase of my life. Things weren’t perfect by any stretch, but I could feel a shift on the horizon. I was preparing to move. My student loans, the bane of my existence and the subject of a solid chunk of my writing, were still annoying but no longer totally diminishing my quality of life. In fact, I was beginning to pay some of those loans off. …

But the Biden administration isn’t taking the bait

Dr. Seuss books at a library.
Dr. Seuss books at a library.
Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Last week, during a Biden administration press briefing, a Fox News political reporter tried to take White House press secretary Jen Psaki on a trip to Seussville.

Specifically, Kristin Fisher asked Psaki why President Biden had removed mention of the children’s book author in his Read Across America Day proclamation to the Department of Education.

That same day, in a statement tied to the late author’s birthday, Dr. Seuss Enterprises told the Associated Press that it would cease publishing six Dr. Seuss books — including his first, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street — because of…

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