Why mince words? If he’s not going to own up to what he’s done, he doesn’t deserve quarter.

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In his first comments to the press since inciting an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, President Donald Trump did not offer any words of contrition. Instead, he reminded us for the billionth time that he is a spiteful bitch incapable of feeling shame about anything. Yes, even when it comes to the attempted murder of his vice president and members of Congress for the sake of trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Although House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reportedly informed House Republicans on Monday that Trump has accepted some responsibility for last week’s deadly riots at the Capitol, you sure couldn’t tell by his public declaration that his urging the violent, angry mob march to the Capitol and “fight like hell” to avenge electoral fraud that doesn’t exist had been “totally appropriate.” “They’ve analyzed my speech, my words,” he said. “Everybody to a T thought it was appropriate.” …

Trump Republicans don’t care about politics or people — just power, at any cost

Trump Supporters Rally in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC
Trump Supporters Rally in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC
Trump Supporters Rally in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. Photo: Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Who could have ever imagined that the political party that’s largely maintained power over decades by employing Jim Crow-like voter suppression efforts and appeals to the lingering racism of the electorate would defecate on democracy like this?

The short answer is anyone paying attention to the Republican Party. Alternatively, anyone who realizes that in a functional democracy, all eligible voters should be able to vote — even the Black ones.

Shocking as it is for all Americans to have to bear witness to a coup attempt this week (in the middle of a plague, no less), it should be noted that this country has only sort of had a legitimate democracy for 55 years now with the passing of the (now-decimated) Voting Rights Act. Republicans have tried their damndest to put Black voters back in their place ever since, so what’s happening now isn’t so much of a new tactic as it is an escalation of their favorite one. …

Now that Trump is out, it’s time to shift focus to the one man responsible for the ongoing economic crisis

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It’s robbing season, but Americans reeling from the economic crisis — a crisis spurred by the nation’s horrific handling of the Covid-19 pandemic — aren’t stealing items typically coveted during the holiday season.

In a recent Washington Post article, reporters Abha Bhattarai and Hannah Denham highlight that shoplifting has been up since the pandemic began earlier this year. According to the retailers, security experts, and police departments they spoke to, however, this isn’t like previous economic downturns. Instead, people are reaching for items to help satisfy the barest necessities.

“We’re seeing an increase in low-impact crimes,” said Jeff Zisner, chief executive of workplace security firm Aegis. “It’s not a whole lot of people going in, grabbing TVs, and running out the front door. It’s a very different kind of crime — it’s people stealing consumables and items associated with children and babies.” …

Politicians continue to misframe abolitionist thinking — while the system continues to devour innocent Black men

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Last week, a 23-year-old Black man was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy. In the back. And the only thing in his hand was a Subway sandwich.

The story of Casey Goodson Jr. is predictably familiar. Authorities initially claimed that Goodson had waved a gun outside of his car, but it didn’t take long for that to be proven to be a lie. Goodson was returning to his home in Columbus, Ohio, from a dentist appointment when Franklin County deputy Jason Meade shot and killed him from behind. …

Appointing Rahm Emanuel compromises any claims of racial justice the president-elect might make

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Rahm Emmanuel. Photo: ABC News/Getty Images

In spite of what you might have heard, Joe Biden was never going to fill his administration with a bunch of “left wing radicals.”

Yet, when he chose Neera Tanden — the current president of the think tank Center for American Progress — to lead the federal Office of Management and Budget, former White House chief of staff (and OMB chief) Mick Mulvaney had something to say about it. “To put someone like Neera Tanden in that office could be sending a strong message that this administration’s going to go hardcore left,” Mulvaney told Fox News.

While it’s an inane and ultimately meaningless turn of phrase, I assume when Mulvaney invoked “hardcore left,” he meant folks with progressive politics. But progressives’ actual reaction to Tanden’s nomination is, uh, mixed. Tanden can count on the support of Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Barbara Lee for her nomination, but those aligned with Bernie Sanders’ former campaigns are far less enthused. Regardless of how anyone feels about Tanden’s nomination and her looming confirmation battles (she’s already deleting old tweets), most of us should understand that no matter who Joe Biden nominates, Republicans are going to brand that person as “radical.” They should be ignored like the goofy jackasses the lot of them are. …

Don’t go home for Thanksgiving — but if you do, here’s how to deal with Trump-loving family members.

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I already tried to tell y’all that a Thanksgiving gathering isn’t worth a tragic death by Christmas, so the best idea this year is to stay the fuck home and make your own turkey. Turkey isn’t that bad if you inject it with Cajun seasoning or ask some Black man over 40 in the South to deep-fry it for you. But the problem isn’t the bird — it’s the people foolishly gathering around this week to eat it.

As the latest travel reports show, many won’t be opting for cooking at home or ordering takeout: Americans are flying at pre-plague levels. …

You really want to restore the soul of the nation? Free everyone of their six-figure albatross.

President- elect Joe Biden answer questions from the press at the Queen in Wilmington, DE on November 10, 2020.
President- elect Joe Biden answer questions from the press at the Queen in Wilmington, DE on November 10, 2020.
Photo: Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post/Getty Images

As much as I have talked about my private student loans over the course of two books and countless articles, you’d think I would be a lot happier about finally reading the words, “Congratulations! Your private student loan is paid in full.”

Up until 2020, there hadn’t been a single year in which the burden of the debt attached to those loans didn’t reduce me to anger and tears of frustration at least once. In several of those years, those moments took place on multiple occasions — and were followed by dark, depressive periods. I could not have predicted that the economy I was going to graduate into in the late 2000s would make financial circumstances even more volatile. …

Covid is shaping all of our lives: In my case, it means moving back home

An order of blue crab nachos
An order of blue crab nachos
Photo courtesy of Cyclone Ayana’s

My waitress was kind enough to pretend not to notice, but I’m sure she could see how red and watery my eyes were. and figure out what was going on. I pulled it together, though, and got my order together: a full-size order of the blue crab nachos and a jalapeño margarita.

I was sitting outside at the Cyclone Ayana’s location in Houston in the area now known as Midtown, which used to be known as just Fourth Ward before gentrification. I did not eat inside because I am no fan of tempting fate, much less during a plague. …

Are you willing to risk it all for family time during a pandemic?

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In mid-October, Japanese researchers released an animation that used a supercomputer to examine how particles spread when sitting at a table — a terrifying but informative way to learn of just how risky it is to reach over for cornbread dressing during a pandemic.

(And before anyone starts, yes, it’s still dressing, not stuffing. It will always be this way because that is the correct way.)

The visual, however, indirectly confirms my fears that America is really fucked this holiday season. Joe Biden may be the president-elect, but he, vice president-elect (Howard University’s own) Kamala Harris, and the rest of us still have to contend with the current administration’s “let them die” approach to the medical crisis. …

Our politics can be complex, but Donald Trump is not a riddle — and neither are the people who continue to support him

A Trump supporter at an election eve rally wears a US flag hat with lights spelling Trump and a MAGA flag around his neck
A Trump supporter at an election eve rally wears a US flag hat with lights spelling Trump and a MAGA flag around his neck
Photo: Kamil Krzaczynski/Stringer/Getty Images

Leave it to this country and the year 2020 to make even victory miserable.

By Wednesday afternoon, Joe Biden had received more votes than any presidential candidate in history. Joe Biden, of all people. According to the Associated Press, at 2:38 p.m. that day, the former vice president amassed 70,330,000 votes — breaking Barack Obama’s 2008 record of 69,500,000 votes. Those votes for Biden accounted for more than 50% of the total number of votes counted so far, with the percentage looking to widen as votes in states across the West were fully counted.

Wasn’t that Biden’s whole shtick? That he and he alone could beat Donald Trump? …


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