We are the lucky ones

Girl jumping high

Heartache, despair, regret, remorse,

All emotions brought on by breakups,

Pleasant, unknowing break-ups,

Violent, public separation.

Separating the physical from the emotional,

Physically bereft, emotionally burdened,

Burdened with the notion of wasted time and space,

Time and space spent on longing, wanting, lusting.

Lusting for connection,

Connection for the physical,

Connection for the emotional,

Physical and emotional you.

Seconds, Minutes, Days go by,

they go by and the you realise,

You realise that you are one of the lucky ones,

The ones who escaped, the ones who got away.

Got away from months of agony and dishonest connection,

Escaped from promising emotional entrapment,

So you rejoice, you celebrate,

You cut your hair, colour your nails,

Change your lock and celebrate your freedom.

You lock of your heart but open your mind,

Letting your mind roam free in its own adventure,

An adventure you’ve only been liberated to embark on,

For you are one of the lucky ones!

Written as one of my weird inspiration to write and has been published the way the first thought popped into my head to prevent me from deleting it or stopping half way from over-thinking. Please enjoy and comment.

Originally posted on my personals blog www.anyhoos.com.ng

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