Best Books for Python in Data Science

When it comes to Data science or Data analysis,python is the best language.It’s because of its libraries,structured language. The books which I’m going to post now starts from Basics to master Data science.

Python for Data Analysis

This book is mainly written on the basis of Pandas.This book is written by Mckinney who is the principle author for Pandas and this book mainly explains how you can employ to your data set.It also showcases how many things you can data with these libraries.

Think Bayes

This book mainly deals with introduction to Bayes theorem and Bayesian statistics,before getting into this book,you should have good basics of Probability and python programming to code.This too explains the application of Bayes theorem in Statistics world.

Programming collective intelligence

This book mainly deals with How collective intelligence sites work.For example,Google ranking Webpages,flipkart recommending products.This gives the real world grounding and application and bayesian statistics to explain Data Science.

Mining the Social Web

Want to learn the APIs of Huge Social platforms??This book is the best place to learn about APIs about Social platforms and gives a huge insights about Data Munging and analysis for Data.

NLP with Python

By 2020,Text analytics market is going to increase by 4.17 Billion.This book mainly deals with Parsing,natural language processing.

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