College Tuition Revised

The topic I chose is one that everyone at this University can relate to: the price of college tuition. This has become more serious of an issue in recent years. This is because of the fact that the price to attend a university rises every single year. There has never been a reduction in tuition in recent years at any major University. In fact, generations in the near future will not be able to financially support a college education.

The two target audiences I have selected are the two most important audiences to this topic, Universities and the Government. It would be difficult to conduct a poll with these two audiences, therefore I researched what they have done to address this situation so far. I will start with Marquette. When I was admitted into this University all of the people that were admitted needed some type of financial aid. A student who is considering attending Marquette recently texted me saying that she has received $23,000 from Marquette, this shows progress in reducing cost in my opinion. For Universities this problem is very crucial to their survival as in institution of higher learning. According to, the college savings for freshman is at an all-time high, cutting each student’s tuition by about 50% (Skibell, 2016.) According to, thirty colleges are lowering their price in tuition including Seton Hall. While this is great progress, but I believe that more colleges should be doing this.

The Government has also attempted change to the tuition problem as well. In his final State of the Union address, former President Barrack Obama said, according to CNBC, “We have to make college more affordable for every American.” He also mentioned the idea of offering first free two years of community college is something he wanted to continue to fight to achieve. In this article it mentioned a poll saying that 79% of people believe that college is not affordable for everyone that needs it (Dickler, 2016.)

This is not enough in my opinion. The ideas I have will be used for future blog posts. I believe that the Government should require a minimum amount of financial aid that a University must provide based on the tuition cost. Too often the University gives a student money but even with the money they provide college is often still too expensive. Now many may say that the University will lose money if they are forced to lower tuition therefore the quality of our Universities will decrease significantly. I would write a blog post about how the Government should provide money to make up the difference in money lost from tuition. Therefore our colleges could sustain growth and quality they have today

Also, it should be easier to receive money from FAFSA and the Government because maybe if those agencies provided more money that would lead to the Universities not having to give as much money to students as regulated by the Government. The experience of college is something that everyone should be able to experience if they have the credentials to do so. It would ultimately direct their life and steer them towards success. There are several ways to make College tuition more affordable we must to take action to make change. It is often said that America is the land of opportunity and the land of second chances, where everyone can be successful if they work hard. But often, in order to have those opportunities students require money and that is not the way it should be.