Snapchat is NOT for Everyone — Don’t Believe the Hype…Here’s Why
Dakota Shane

I pretty much agree with all of this. What I find with a lot of new channels, particularly video-based ones, is they’re largely populated by marketing stars, or people hoping to be marketing stars. Gary Vee is great wherever, but most aren’t. And how many times do I need to hear the same advice put in slightly different ways about the same subject matter (mostly how to market effectively) day in day out? Not many. In print, I find this more forgiving, because I can scan text quickly. But with video, it takes time, and if the presentation isn’t well produced—not saying ‘slick’, but rather, coherent, compelling & entertaining, then it can be very aggravating. It’s great, as you say, with people who are already established in other areas and who are adding some extra value. But they are few and far between.

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