Peace Garden. Interior Courtyard.

Is a sparrow who kills a hummingbird in cold blood and proceeds to eat him a cannibal? Is he something else?

I am getting ahead of myself.

Peace Garden. Interior Courtyard. Brooklyn.

The sun is shining and there is a woman with a clipboard. I do not know who she is, and I do not know why she is holding a clipboard; I assume she works at the hotel, because why else does a person have a clipboard? She comes outside in something of a rush. She seems alarmed, but calm. …

I thought about writing a book about excuses.

I could use having written the book as an excuse for not doing all the other things I want to do. “I know I planned on doing _______, but I was busy writing a book about excuses.”

That’s probably a heavy-handed metaphor, but what I've got is serious. It’s like time-cancer. Excuses have overrun my life. Please allow me to categorize a few of the most malignant.

The Three-Month Plan

For a long time, I've felt like my ideal life — the real beginning of my journey — was always a very specific time away…

The Wednesday Purge


  • Tumblr blogs: 5
  • Twitter accounts: 4
  • Facebook Pages: 4
  • Domain names set to “do not renew”: 2
  • Emails unsubscribed from: I lost count (lots)

The domain name part was especially hard for me to do, which is probably a good indication why this sort of thing is ultimately good for me.


On feeling creative versus being creative.

The list makes me cringe, which is why I feel the need to share it: 10 Tumblr blogs, 4 WordPress installations, 6 Twitter accounts, 3 Instagrams, not to mention Facebook, LinkedIn, Dribbble et al. This is my social media / blogging footprint. I’m probably forgetting some. That’s telling in itself.

My procrastination has made me an experienced curator of other peoples’ stuff. Maybe that’s good, right? Maybe I should work at a museum or edit a magazine. Or maybe I’m already doing that, with Facebook and Tumblr and everything else. …

My Favorite pencil, the WÖRTHER SHORTY

How studying to become an architect taught me to think about design

I learned two major lessons in my years in architecture school: first, that design is my passion in life, in all its forms. Design is not a collection of geometry and color on paper; great design lives and breathes. It touches people.

Secondly, I learned that I have no interest in being an architect.

In telling this story I’m often met with a response that implies that three years was some kind of a waste, a path to nowhere. I don’t see it that way.

The staunch traditionalism of this Beaux-Arts-styled program meant that computers, in the first two years…

Michael J. Champlin

art director, designer, storyteller, photographer. Passionate about breakfast foods. #ui #ux Dallas, TX

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