In order to connect a database, we will concentrate on the .env file. This is where you will find the configuration settings to set the database host, username and password along with a host of configurations. You may never end up using all of them. Below is an example of the .env file that is generated when you create a new Laravel project.


Here is a perfect breakdown on what a Laravel Controller is taken from the official Laravel documentation;

Instead of defining all of your request handling logic as Closures in route files, you may wish to organize this behavior using Controller classes. Controllers can group related request handling logic into a single class. Controllers are stored in the app/Http/Controllers directory.

In our routes file, we may want to add more logic to a view, this could get tiresome with loads of code showing. …

This article will show you how to send data to your laravel view. So let’s get started. For example, let’s say when a user accesses the homepage, we want to send some data to it for them to view. Head over into your code editor and go to routes/web.php — this is where we will be passing in the data for now by hardcoding it in.

Inside the route get for the homepage we need to create a variable and pass in some tasks as an array. …

In this article, I will discuss how you should use blade layout files, Blade is driven by template inheritance and sections. It really is a great way in pulling certain layouts/content into a view. This makes sure you are not copying & pasting the same code into multiple views. Imaging you have to make one change in the source code, do you really want to go through every single view and update the source code? No, we don’t. That is not the best practice.


Head over into your code editor and go in to /resources/views/ and create a new file…

So now you are wondering how do I get into Laravel and build some pages and URLs. Well by the end of this article you will leave knowing what basic routing is and how to get it up and running in your project.

But before diving right into the deep end and drowning, let’s take a look at some of the commands that will be used. In the terminal enter the following command;

Artisan is the built-in command into Laravel, this will give you a list of all the commands that are available to you, don’t worry though…

Quick Update

So you may have been wondering where on earth have I gone and why there haven't been any updates of my Laravel journey, well I’ll keep this short and sweet, I broke my little finger & torn the ligament in it, so you can imagine I had one floppy finger. I also became a proud father just over 3 months ago and life has just been a rollercoaster — now I have some time off work so I thought I’d best get back to this journey.

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To begin installing Laravel on Windows you need to decide which of these tools…

Laravel Logo

So yeah, I’m starting to learn Laravel. If you Google Laravel, your almost certain to come across Laravel PHP Framework on the first page. It’s widely used amongst PHP developers. There are quite a few frameworks out there such as;

Why should you use a PHP Framework?

I’ll list a few good reasons why every developer should use a framework;

  • Less Code — We don’t want to lots of DRY code.
  • Faster development — we all want to develop something quick & not spend an eternity on doing the basics.
  • Community Support — you’ll be able to collaborate with other developers, or if…

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. Some may argue that it’s a blogging platform, some may argue that it’s more than that. I guess we’ll never come to one agreement on what WordPress really is. All I know is that it’s a brilliant platform to learn & develop on.

I develop quite a few websites in WordPress. It’s open source and free to use. It comes with a repository of plugins that you can install on WordPress to extend it’s functionality and do cool stuff. …

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So I was working away on a website when a support ticket landed into the helpdesk. It was a client complaining that her products on her Magento 2 website had ALL been marked as out stock. You could sense the panic from the client. During a busy period where stock is selling, this problem just cropped up from out of nowhere.

Magento Index Management

Below is a brief description of what an index management is and what this does on the website. This is a snippet taken from the Magento User Guide found here;

Magento reindexes automatically whenever one or more items change…

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WordPress CMS

WordPress, one of the content management systems that are used heavily for personal, company, blogging sites. It’s simple and easy to use. Even someone new to WordPress will be able to grasp the basics fairly quickly. It just works.

So if it works, why are you not using it? Well, I do use it, but not as often as I should. Why not?

The main reasons for not using WordPress at the moment are;

  • Not enough time
  • No personal projects to showcase
  • Work commitments
  • Not blogging enough

So why are you using Medium then?

I’ve turned to Medium so I can get into the habit of blogging…

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