From Good to Great, what really makes outstanding performances?

Abdo Magdy
2 min readMar 13, 2014



A bit over a year ago, as I went through From Good to Great for Jim Collins, I was inspired by the topic to research more of what makes outstanding performances, the book talks to CEOs about building resilient companies, finding the hedgehog concept of their companies and flow in greatness..

It did want to digest the concept on a deeper level..

It turned out that what really makes great performance in life and in business is the truth..

Is passion..

Is the genuine expression of who you really are and what you want to make in the world..

This is perfectly described and clearly shown in this amazing performance by the beautiful Lara Fabian..

See what she says in the introduction

I truly believe its impossible to explain how to genuinely write a song something happens that I cant say with words, its like something crosses my body, a melody comes out of me and this melody speaks, there is something magical about that, there is something that you cant explain that goes through, like a storm, like something blossoming..

She is speaking about the genius, the magical thing that takes over her existence and graduate performances like the above..

When was the last time you had been taken over by the genius?

You know, it doesnt have to be fancy, or perfect, or even socially acceptable..

It only has to be true..

Thats why this dude, nails it with true words, he is speaking shit about himself, but it doesnt matter

As he speaks the truth..

And he even get more love after it..

Do you know that the truth is also the core of the pursuit of happiness..

Rocky, couldnt stay away from what he really loves.. The stuff in the basement didnt let him..

And see how strong his statement here is:

People are capable of doing extraordinary stuff when they are most vulnerable, you know as an entrepreneur, you know this very well..

Everytime youre taking a pivot, making a new shift, calling for a new sale..

When you embrace this vulnerability for the sake of the truth you are living for, thats when great performance comes in..



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