Hmm… As I write this entry, I wonder if others have the same relationship issues that I have. It’s like I have this formula for dating catastrophes ( me + interesting male = a hot mess). So before 2016 ends, I made a vow to do better in the relationship department. How will I do this you ask? Well…I am going to blog about my perspective..oops I mean we (myself and an interesting gentleman) will discuss, vent and analyze why we suck at relationships. I hear some of you saying why not blog by myself. And I say because it’s important to hear both sides of a heterosexual couple — the male and the female point of view. Maybe my issues or his issues run deeper than the standard statement that “he or she is crazy/unstable/controlling.” It is so easy to blame the other person for the demise of a relationship but the truth is each one of us plays a part in if the relationship succeeds or fails. What we hope to accomplish is an organic flow of ideas that uncover why our relationships don’t work or what we are doing wrong.