The 2016 Election Shocked All

After this election, the country stands more divided and confused than it ever was. On one side we have Hilary, who will say anything to get elected, and on the other hand, we have Trump who will just say anything. These were two presidential candidates that had a lot of downsides facing then, and that is why people just simply turned away. When you step back and look at the country and how they divided up on voting it is not that shocking. Every state voted how they were expected for the most part. The main cities are for Hilary and the small towns are for Trump. This is how it usually is with the cities as more democratic and the rural areas as republican. The difference in this election was the fact of how much the rural people voted. The media, who is mostly a pro-liberal outlet, forgot about the people that live I the smaller parts of the country, and they showed up.

The thing that sparked the surge for Trump support was just how different he was. When you look at the democrats, Hilary is pretty much the same as Obama in most of their beliefs. Hilary was just going to make sure none of Obama’s plans got canceled. But when we look at Trump, we see someone with no background at all in politics, but has an extremely successful career in the business world. The people see Trump as someone different, and the people hope that he changes a lot when he becomes president. Yes, Trump is rough around the edges, but that is what makes him so special. The willingness to say whatever he wants shows a side that most candidates would never even come close to doing. Trump almost has a wildcard aspect, but I do not even want call it that because it is not that extreme, but he has an edge that makes him a bit intimidating. Which is good you need that edge to get people to do what you want them to do and have them corporate with you.

My Grandpa, who has always been a big-time conservative, sent me an article about the whole election. That article made this comparison. Imagine who come home after your wonderful vacation to find a basement full of raccoons. Now you call the everyone and anything just trying to get them out, but they try and they try, but it just doesn’t work. Now you hear about a guy up the street who says he will do it no matter what. Now as this point you do not care what this guy looks like, what he says, how he acts, or anything about him at all. All you care about is getting rid of the raccoons to get your house back. This speaks a lot of truth to this election. While some people will want an exact copy of the pervious president who would never actually lie to their faces, but we all know that does not exist. Trump is different, Trump is change, he may not be able to build a wall or ban Muslims, but I do believe that he will make changes that only benefit the people. And last but not least, Trump is not in it for the benefit for himself, because he already walks around with money falling from his pockets.

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