The Morning Commute

Shortly after I decided to go to the University of Akron, I made the decision to live at home and commute to school because it was only a 20-minute drive. Originally, I did not want to live at home, but then I realized how much more expensive it is to live on campus. Yea, I would be missing the whole college experience thing, but I also will have a lot less debt and be better off for the future which is the point of college anyways. Also, my dad was the main person who convinced me to do it because he had done it will he was in school as well. I knew that because I was commuting I would have one main problem, traffic.

Akron is not the largest city and has a lot less traffic then Cleveland, but it is still always having traffic and construction problems. The highway often has 1 of three lanes closed which makes it an absolute mess. The worst part about when the do this is that they close about 3 miles of that lane and are only working on a small part of it at a time. Also, there is always an accident to some degree where people might have to pull off, or traffic gets stuck down to one lane. In theory, one would think that going down to one lane would not be a big problem, but it creates disaster. It always has me thinking about why can’t people just drive normal and just make it easy on everyone else, but that is just simply not the world we live in. The worst part about traffic is just how unexpected it is when it hits. One minute I am cruising, just doing my one thing, and the nest I am stopped with 5 miles left till school. There is one part on route 8 that I always worry about. It is the exit for Cuyahoga falls because I know if I can get past there without any problems and will be ok, but if traffic is slowed by that exit, it is going to be a long 5 miles to school.

Traffic going in and out of cities is something that everyone and every place experiences to some degree. If you leave at the right time and know back roads, it can be pretty easy to avoid. My problem is the leaving at the right time part because I like to sleep as long as possible, and too often any traffic will make me late.

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