Who Even Likes Reading?

In my years of schooling since I was in kindergarten, I have learned that I despise reading. Could you blame me though? Pretty much every book I have ever read as been one that I have been forced to read. You cannot enjoy something if you have to be forced to do it every time. Also, most books I have been forced to read are also very boring. All the books you must read for a class are about a certain subject which can be bland, or this writer does something significant in their own work. When I was in an American Literature class in high school, I remember reading the poem The Raven. The teacher wanted us to write about the meaning when Poe writes “nevermore,” and why it keeps getting repeated. All I could think about is never reading this poem anymore. Now, I do not want to be insulting people who find these types of works entertaining. If you are one of these people, all the power to you. The rest of us who have little interest are turned away from reading because of it. Also, these books can be hard to read because the language, and the way to author writes is so outdated or different. I cannot be the only one who reads or hears something in old English and proceeds to have no idea what is going on. I have watched Les Miserables three times now, all in English, and one in live theater. Still, I have no idea what happened because I cannot understand the language at all from that time period. Even if I find something that I might be interested in reading, I choose not to because all I have known is boring, uneventful books (in my opinion). Instead, I find myself reading short articles about sports and other small events, because it is easy to read, and I can keep attended to it as well. I will always be more interested in reading about if the Steelers are going to win this week, more then I will ever be interested in some poem where I have no idea what is trying to be told to me as well as having no care for it. Too often when I read a book and it doesn’t matter what kind after a few minutes, I am just day dreaming about what I could be doing when I am not reading. Reading is an important skill that everyone should have, and people need to read what they enjoy to read and not be forced to read something they do not want too. 

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