Dive Cozumel

World class drift diving in the land of Cruise ships

Cozumel, Mexico has a large number of easily accessable dives. Everything from drifting diving where the current carries you away on an underwater safari to deep swim throughs that feel more like underwater caves. We did 8 dives over the course of 7 days. Stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast called Tamarindo and dove with Blue Magic Scuba. Both highly recommended.

Only 6–8 folks per boat so it wasn’t too crowded.
Let’s go down

Swim throughs near “Cathedral”
I *think* this is the actual cathedral part of the “Catherdral” dive.

Saw alot of large lobsters.
Saw a couple large eels.
Turtle surronded by fish.

Nurse shark swims under foot.

Diving makes you real hungry.
Our timing happened to coincide with Carnival which is a pretty big deal on Cozumel.

It’s hard to find but there are some quiet beaches on Cozumel.

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