You Pay More Taxes Than Exxon Mobil
Joe Brewer

It makes no sense for corporations to even pay taxes, where the entire tax burden that the corporation is subjected to, will be passed onto the consumer, anyway.

Socialists (read: Democrats, and Bernie Bros.) never seem to grasp this concept, when they’re off to punish ‘those evil corporations’. They end up hurting the same people they’re trying to help. Therefore, statements such as ‘You pay more taxes than Exxon Mobil’ might make for good political rhetoric, it’s ultimately worthless in practice. They may think they’re sticking it to the corporations, but they’re really just sticking it to the middle class instead. Sure, they won’t see it this way, but that is because they have zero comprehension of how the economy actually works, and they really don’t want to know, anyway.

Instead, it makes much more sense to tax the individual players involved in the corporation. Why? Because corporations are not people, regardless of the Citizens United decision claiming otherwise. Anyone with a brain (not Republicans) can see the folly of giving undue political influence to those that can get their customers to shoulder the tax bills. Especially in cases like Walmart, where they encourage their employees to apply for welfare benefits, which places their burdens on society at large, because they don’t even want to adequately pay for their employees.

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