The Democrats in America have abandoned America
John the TIB

Was this before, or after the Republicans did?

The actions of some hoodlums out on the left coast, doesn’t whitewash the actions of the Trump Administration, nor the out of touch GOP, that tried, and failed, by only a couple of RINOs, to throw millions under the bus with their health care. Health care which everyone else in the civilized world, would automatically have?

But you’re right in part, that the 2016 defeat of Hillary, exposed the Democrats for the hatred, hypocrisy, and vileness that they’ve become. However, they’ve already descended down that route, along with the Republicans, ever since the disaster that was Iraq. And in reality, exactly what kind of two party system does America even have, anymore? Both parties have been bought by big money. Both parties don’t give a damn about the American people, and both parties were more than willing to work together, to give lots of corporate welfare, and then SHAFT the people, back in 2008. What two party system? It’s more like a one party system, masquerading as two, and they’re selling the ‘two’, like it’s some ‘reality show’.

And since when is it now an American virtue, to spite your neighbor, and to hate people for their differences? This is NOT the America I grew up in! Then again, I saw this coming pretty much since 9/11, and how civil discourse had degenerated since, hence the reason why I chose to emigrate several years ago. Representative democracy there is clearly broken, and regular Americans don’t even care.

Once you boil away the bullshit, and distill it down to the truth, the only difference I see anymore, is that the Democrats hate me because I am white, and the Republicans hate me because I’m not rich. That’s it. But what other reasons do I need, anyway? America already abandoned me, so why not abandon America?

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