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I’m a software engineer. I make decisions about trade-offs for a living. It’s also why I know better than to reduce everything to a dichotomy while ignoring the construction a false one. Suggesting I have entirely denied their existence because I denied one in this instance hardly demonstrates reasoning on your part. You failed the very first lesson in the class on First-order logic.

As for substance- you’ve chose to ignore everything relevant to the issue in my response, while using nothing but ad hominems to “rebut” it. So please explain how am I the one who isn’t a capable adult?

Your pretended “generosity” and your pseudo-intellectual “philosophy” is hardly as impressive as you might imagine. All you’ve proven is you’re the the kind of bro this thread points out is the problem at hand. A self-important, praise-demanding schmuck who assumes anyone who disagrees isn’t worthy. But sure- I’m the monster…

Better luck getting your third-rate libertarian drivel sold on your Patreon.

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