How to Get Back Your Writing Mojo When it’s Gone AWOL

Melanie Kirk
Apr 25 · 3 min read
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ojos are pesky little creatures. They require constant care and attention and in our distracted age, it’s very easy for a not so careful writer to lose track of their Mojo.

You may worry that your Mojo has gone forever, perhaps to make a new home with another more dedicated writer than you, but have no fear. With these helpful tips you and your Mojo will be reunited sooner than you say say “groovy baby” then immediately regret it because it ages you horribly and makes you look incredibly uncool. But it’s okay; you can conveniently blame your uncoolness on the absence of your Mojo.

First things first; have a check in all the local coffee shops you frequent. It’s likely you misplaced your Mojo during one of your regular coffee shop outings. It’s easily done; often a Mojo will develop a coffee dependency of its own, entirely independent of its host writer. In which case it will break away from its host (especially is the writer suddenly decides to go on a caffeine detox and drink only herbal tea) and hide out in the nearest coffee establishment where it can get its fix without judgment. Very often Mojo escapees can be found hiding behind the counter, inhaling the aromas of roasting coffee beans or lurking near unsuspecting diner’s tables, ready to drain the dregs of their half finished cappuccinos. A large caffeinated beverage of your choice should be enough to lure your Mojo back.

Mojos are a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for, and often what looks like a playful escape attempt is actually a carefully constructed plot to get us to do the thing that will reignite our inspiration. This is the reason why several misplaced Mojos have been found hiding in the pages of old, paperback books in libraries and bookshops. If it’s been a while since you read anything more intellectually stimulating than the TV Listings then you may find your Mojo taking things into its own hands, and going and hiding in an old classic novel. Have a think of all the books that you’ve been saying you’ll read for ages and haven’t quite gotten around to yet then head to your local bookshop; it’s very likely your Mojo can be found in the pages of these books.

Some Mojos like to hide in shower pipes. Shower pipes provide a wet and dark environment that Mojos are irresistibly drawn to — some speculate this is because in this way they replicate the human brain, which is the Mojo’s primary territory. The only solution in this instance is to stand under the shower head and run the water for as long as it takes for the Mojo to dislodge. You will know when this happens for you will feel a small tap on the crown of your head and your mind will suddenly be filled with more ideas than you know what to do with. This is the real reason why many writers get their best ideas in the shower.

Perhaps most irritating of all is when a Mojo decides to hide up the barrel of a pen. Fountain pens are the preferred habitat of the Mojo, as similar to shower pipes, the ink cartridges provide a perfectly moist and dark environment that suits the Mojo’s temperament perfectly. Now, Mojos are notoriously difficult to retrieve once they’ve decided to set up home here, but luckily for you it’s not an impossible task. Unfortunately, the only way to force the Mojo out of the fountain pen is to pick it up and write until the ink runs completely dry. But beware — your Mojo knows all the tricks in the book, so no scribbling random circles, it has to be actual words!

Hopefully these tips have gone some way to helping you locate your missing Writer’s Mojo! Where’s the strangest place you’ve found your Mojo hiding?

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