Samson was laid to rest today. Despite his youthful spirit, he was 10 years old and suffering from diabetes, arthritis, and tumors in his back legs.

We are going to miss him very much, but he is at peace now. His suffering is over. We are thankful for that.

It’s 2 a.m. From the flight path on the screen in front of me it looks like I’m just about half way to Chile.

I glance around the cabin to discover I appear to be the only one awake. I have about 4 hours left of my flight, but the excitement about this trip will likely prevent me from getting any sleep.

Denise and our two children have spent the past three weeks in Chile; the country she grew up in and where her entire family and many of her good friends remain.

As I sit on this plane, barreling…

Max Leitch

Learning all I can before I go.

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