9th Weekly report

From Vancouver

I went Stanley park.

It’s a very famous park in Vancouver and it is famous for these Totem poles.

They were built by First Nations long long time ago.

And this is a Stanley park’s map.

There is a cycling and walking course that surrounds Stanley park.

It called Seawall.

Seawall stretches from Coal harbor to English bay.

The total length of Seawall is 22km!!

I walked all of them with my friends.

It was really hard, so I think we looked like hiking club😂😂😂

But of course, it was really fun!

We saw natural American eagle and beaver.

I saw them for the first time! I was surprised.

It was a special day for me.

And I went Vancouver international airport twice in this week.

On Wednesday I went there for field trip.

On Saturday I went there to say goodbye to my friends who go back their country.

I feel sad a little bit because I have to go back Japan after 2weeks.

I want to study more in Vancouver…!

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