Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad

Since the Pittsburgh Steelers did not make it to the Super Bowl, I had no interest in watching the game this year. However, I did go online to view the ads. One ad that stood out was from Coca-Cola. Hearing the song “America the Beautiful” while watching all of the cultural people who live in America “share a Coke and a smile” together, amongst the American landscape in the background, made me appreciate the great life we have as Americans.

Coca-Cola is an American product and icon and this commercial creatively reminds us of this. With all that is changing in America today, many are worried about the future. It seems as if Coca-Cola was not only advertising their product, but sending a message of patriotism, freedom, opportunity and genuine care and concern for others.

If all commercials can provide genuine messages like this, all of the time, then it would be so much more worth the cost. Can we ever put a price on freedom? Thank you, Coca-Cola for reminding us how great America is and always will be.