Parenting Advice: Don’t Kill Them
Ijeoma Oluo

I assumed (wrongly so) that the title of this post was click bait fodder. Maybe, I told myself, she’s going to tell new parents not to kill their child’s soul, sense of playfulness or curiosity. Sadly, you did not.

You sicken me with your humble brag (my kids are so well behaved) masquerading as “parenting advice.”

When you are deaf, dumb (too late) and senile from old age, I hope your children contemplate choking you and dropping you on the floor, so they don’t have to visit you in some cockroach infested, low-income convalescent home.

May the Internet and all of the wonderful super moms and dads out there unite to shame you for the atrocious piece of trash you call, “parenting advice”.

(My) Parenting Advice:

  • Love Your Children!
  • Read to them
  • Listen to them
  • Talk with them
  • Spend time with them

MOST OF ALL, do not listen to this premature, infantile, adolescent, woman-child, who is evidently prone to temper tantrums and views motherhood as an albatross.

P.s. Don’t have children if you are an egotistical self-indulging person who resents responsibility.

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