Comedian versus Politician, is it really?

Recently , my social media news feed was bombarded by rants, criticism, opinions, and jokes about an issue that set the “boxing ring” for a match between a politician and a comedian. The crowd, indeed became wild and loud, enough that others became enemies with their friends, (or atleast Facebook friends) or worst, became strangers with one another.

Hashtags emerged from pros and cons of both parties. The issue also urged a well-known brand to pull its sponsorship from the involved politician and famous boxing athlete. I wonder how big that loss would be for the athlete and for the brand as well.

Anyway, I wasn’t that interested when the issue surfaced, not that I don’t care (but really I don’t) but there’s something important that hit me. After observing and reading people’s reactions, I noticed that the statements released by both parties have cavernous issues one might not realize.

If we read on the surface of the issue, evidently we can see that it revolves around what we commonly know as homosexuality or the “relationship” between persons of the same genders.

In addition, if the audience is well informed, they can conclude that those thrown words especially to the LGBT community are in the form of lack of knowledge and sensitivity. That “common sense” from the statement that he said does not apply. Sense can’t be that “common” if he’s not knowledgeable enough to know that homosexual activities actually exist in animals.

Thus, the issue also reminds me of the book “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual — Mental Disorders” prepared by The Committee on Nomenclature and Statistics of the American Psychiatric Association. This gained my attention recently. Although I just started reading the book, I can sense that it delivers interesting information.

First, the book was published in 1952, two years before my favorite Computer Scientist, Alan Mathison Turing died. Second, it only entails that in the time of Mr. Turing, who was accused of homosexuality, they considered him a mentally disabled person. Ironically, this “mentally disabled” person broke Enigma and helped to win the battle from the Germans during the most widespread and deadliest war in history, the World War II. Lastly, this leads me to thinking that history can or will repeat itself, and it fears me.

I tried to push my thoughts deeper from the obvious and I discovered more.

Obviously, the Official Election Campaign Period has started. Advertisements of helping save the nation, anti-corruption, never ending promises of building better Philippines, “angelic” smiling faces of Politicians are in the streets, rallies from Political Parties everywhere, campaigns here and there are rampant and on the move.

So I thought, what are the ways politicians can do to boost their campaigns even more?

Since we’re talking about publicity, let’s connect the topic to celebrities since they’re the most public people I know.

What’s the easiest way celebrities do in order to be noticed?

They attend talk shows everywhere and chat about their issues, their love life, and who-the-hell-cares-about-you topics.

Point is, a politician is no way different from a celebrity during campaign period. :)

And breaking out from the current thread of the issue, I realized that the battle is not about the comedian and the politician. The fight is about us. The challenge is for us to choose a smart, sensitive, modest, respectful, and most of all patriotic (by heart and soul) leader for our country. A leader whose mindset is about the betterment of its citizens in order to make the nation better than ever.

Lastly, I must state that it’s not about religion and politics.

On the first hand, religion wasn’t even mentioned in his statement. If we go back to it, there are only two simple premises.

1. Homosexuality doesn’t exists on animals.

2. Homosexuality is widespread on humans.

I’ll give the rest of the judgements and reactions to you since writing those will just add more boredom to this article. But people arriving into conclusion in line with religion is absolvable.

Again, I believe that this is not about religion and politics. It’s about how those two, state and church, can stand together to uphold and create a strong, independent, collaborative nation and a peaceful country.

I hope these can help us to think profoundly for the humanity and our country especially during this Campaign Period up to the upcoming Elections.

Mabuhay and have a nice day!

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