The Powerful “No”

How many times today have you said “No” today?

It’s been quite a thing to think before saying.

“No” has always been associated to negativity and rejection. That’s the main reason why most people are so afraid of letting that word get out of their mouth. They’re afraid that they might hurt someone or make them feel rejected. This might be true for some reasons but not all the time it applies.

There are just things that we need to consider before we affirm or reject something. When we say “Yes” we have can have tons of reasons unto why we are affirming and likewise as saying “No”.

But the issue comes from not just saying the word, but to the consequences that it might deliver.

Let’s take the foreigner scenario as an example. You’re travelling to a foreign country and you don’t understand their language. If a local asks you something, the best way to answer the question if you don’t understand it (even if you think you do — believe me, you don’t) is to answer “No”.

You might offend the local or make things better.


Saying “No” is an easy way out.


If someone really wants to convince you to say “Yes”, he or she will make other means of making you understand. Thus, would benefit both parties in a way that you might consider affirming to it or rejecting it with a reasonable answer since you understand it better than the first time the question was asked.

The point of this is that saying “No” doesn’t mean you’re insensitive or mean.

I believe that it’s being mindful and sensitive to other things. It’s considering other options than what’s just being presented. It’s making time to think of a better solution and giving more focus to what is available in the moment.

You know that you can choose between being productive or being effective. Doing both is possible but it might burn you out.

Thus, saying always “Yes” will contribute productivity but this will compromise effectivity.

Your choice.

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