What do you think?

Is merely a question that anyone can simply ask and answer. I honestly never bothered to give importance to this before but now I’m writing about it.

I think it’s question of letting out that concern for someone. Of showing importance to the one that’s been asked.

A question that’s full of sensitivity, care, and value.

It’s also a question that simply says “I care about what you think and I respect whatever it is.”.

It’s abnegation and candor.

But it’s also a question of hesitations and presumptions but it will never be selfish and wrong.

It can turn bitterness of ways into sweetness and that frown into a smile.

Lucky are those who are asked and be beholden to those who asked. They’re fine golds and jewels, precious.

Treasure those moments because it has always been a choice to ask. Perhaps, merely a choice of this and that. Therefore, when someone asks “What do you think?” answer it as honest as you can because you’ve been chosen. It’s a fact.

And you should be grateful.

What do you think?

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