A New Model of Sustainability for a Better Tomorrow

The earth is facing a crisis, and it’s one that is forcing us — now, and for the years to come — to reimagine the kind of human society we want to live in. We want younger generations to have a future better and brighter than ours, but the current conditions of our society (hunger, climate change, migrations, conflicts, an arms race), is making that bright future look ominous. The reality is, we are in a state of global unsustainability.

There continues to be huge gaps when looking at inequality across the world. Organizational models have not adapted to the social and technological reality that we are living in. We need an ecosystem of organizational models that reflect our interconnected world. Despite technological developments, the inequality gap among us continues to widen.

This inequality gap is rooted in several things, namely a poorly distributed concentration of power and an inappropriate flow of values. We are yearning to be a society that moves away from competition, and moves towards cooperation. A society in which organizations value flexibility, passion, optimism, and empowerment above all.

In the workplace, the flow of these values must be from boss to employee, and from employee to his/her coworkers. Bosses must empower and mentor in order to drive passion and foster feelings of trust with employees. This trust and instilled flexibility must work together. The ultimate goal for any organization should be to create true value in order to have a longstanding impact.

Introducing: SORG, the Sustainable Organisation Index. SORG is a sustainability indicator that highlights the balance between owners of an organization, employees and the community, and the value distributed among them. This sustainable organization model is an attempt by Miguel Reynolds Brandao and Nadia Morais to change the way that organizations exist, to change the way that we view organizations’ sustainability on the basis of their true value creation.

As Miguel explains in The Sustainable Organisation: A Paradigm for a Fairer Society, most groups are still rooted in competitive mindsets that breed inequality rather than true value. These are the shark thinkers, the competitors, the organizations who value greed and profit above all. Dolphin thinkers, on the other hand, are organizations truly fighting for cooperation and sustainability.

The SORG index is the perfect tool to measure whether an organization’s sustainable intention is genuine. Ultimately, the goal is for consumers to choose Dolphin organizations and to force Shark organizations to change. Today is the day to fight for sustainability and for a brighter future and to create a better tomorrow.

-Monique Morrow | Advisor at Stealth Company in Entertainment Technology Sector | Chief Technology Strategist