The War of Adblock

The patience of the owners of steeming portals is over. Spotify starts fighting with users who use Adblock using the free version of the service. This is understandable because this practice is dishonest. People using Adblock try to have for free what other users have to pay for. The portal loses profits that are generated by advertisements. It is not surprising that the Spotify team made such a decision. But the whole situation draws attention to a very important aspect — how Internet users treat online advertising.

Adblock is a tool that irritates advertisers all over the world. It reduces the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet, which contributes to a significant increase in the costs of creating marketing campaigns. Internet creators also suffer losses, as most of them profit from displaying ads. On the other hand, AdBlock is still very popular among Internet users all over the world. It eliminates unwanted, annoying pop-up ads, limits ads that interrupt the playback of movies or music.

Spotify has taken radical steps, which should be considered right. From 1 March, users using Adblock will lose access to their account forever. 
The whole situation draws attention to a very important aspect. The approach of a significant number of users to online advertising is not positive.

Therefore, advertisers should pay attention to where to publish advertisements and how to approach this issue from scratch. Is it profitable to invest in advertising in places where it is commonly blocked by users? Will advertising work well when it will be displayed as an interlude to a film, programme or programme? No. The annoyance of users, which manifests itself precisely through actions such as the use of Adblock, clearly shows that this is not the right solution. This will not create an effective advertising campaign.

A modern user requires something in return. Paying for Netflix can enjoy access to many films and series not interrupted by commercials and does not have to wait for the next episode of the week, as in the case of television. Paying for Spotify, they have unlimited access to huge music resources, which are not interrupted by advertisements, as in the case of traditional radio.

So how to encourage Internet users to watch ads. It’s simple — you have to use the same method. An advertiser who pays for an advertising campaign wants it to reach the user. But who is paid? The publisher or owner of a web portal, but not the main one.

Ojooo has a product that makes it possible to prepare advertising campaigns that are effective through such a mechanism. Users are remunerated for each advertisement displayed. As a result, they actively participate in the platform, which is based only on the publication of advertising content. Most importantly, they do so willingly because they are aware of receiving gratuities.

The example of Spotify may cause similar activities to be used by other streaming platforms. Therefore, advertisers should adjust the way of presenting their campaigns to the needs of the modern recipient. For one that will engage new customers and will be attractive for them.