Learning to code

The world today has a lot of computers involved within doing basic things. Like education, asking for help, directions somewhere. So learning how to make stuff on these machines can be very useful and rewarding. But it’s not that easy.

To make programmes​ you need to know how to code. In at least one programming language, like C++ or Java. There are so many to chose from that you think you can’t go wrong with which one you pick. Except, you can. Each programming language is made with a purpose for what type of programme​ you want.

Like C++ is designed for games that would want very realistic graphics. Windows also is programmed in C. IOS, is C and C++. Java is for games that don’t need graphics. A popular example is, Minecraft. Java is also the number 1 programming language.

Those are the two programming languages that will be most useful. Their are lots of websites and other resources that will help you get started with both C++ and Java.

If you know how to code then you will always have options for jobs.

Thanks for reading my article and I hoped I helped.