Demo Begins

As we evaluate the plethora of architect and GC options for our project, Carl had to keep busy. After we finished the jungle lawn clean up, next on his list was trying his hand at demolition!

Carl and I met working for a wind turbine manufacturer, and safety was all but pounded into us. It’s imperative to keep safety in mind for any project, especially for a 120 year old home! You have no idea what’s lurking behind the walls or under the floors. While Carl has solid construction experience, and I genuinely know he’s very much a safety oriented person — not to mention MUCH more responsible of an adult than I most days — I still wanted to ensure we had the absolute best tools for the job.

Luckily for us, I get fantastic employee perks working at for Grainger, “For the one’s who get things done!”. So it was. No trouble getting all the equipment and all the advice we needed on the best tools and safety equipment. I learned that Grainger has a helpline for any customer, not just employees, where their technical experts can assist in product guidance and specifications.

This came in especially helpful in choosing ventilation masks for the demo! Not knowing exactly what was behind our walls, we opted for filters which eliminate not just mold, but also asbestos and lead paint. We are fairly certain there is no asbestos in this house, but as I mentioned — safety first!

It was 90 degrees and thoroughly humid the day we started demo. I may have went overboard in buying the plastic (no breathable) suits, but hell it was fun for the first 15 minutes before I felt as if i was in a Finnish Sauna.

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